четвъртък, 4 ноември 2010 г.

Bottled Reflections WIP

This is the project that Jamie started...I found them fascinating.

I first straightened them out and got the perspective in paint shop pro, then drew them out using a grid. Size is 6"h x 15"w on Stonehenge paper.

I chose the colors because they were either almost compliments...the two end bottles on our left, a preyed value study, the two middle bottles and the one on the far right, or that was the color that was underneath the bottle...the round one.

When doing a grisaille under painting I don't like to do true compliments, except in rare cases...I prefer to find a grayed version of the color

Full Picture:


I found the blue bottle the easiest and fastest to do...I had the most trouble with the green one.

Here's color starting to be added...

Dark Green, Violet, Dahlia Purple, Yellow Ochre, Tuscan Red, Raspberry, Pumpkin Orange, Copenhagen Blue, and more of the Black Cherry, Indigo Blue

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